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Meet The Team


The Saleeby Family

The Saleeby Family moved to Guatemala in August 2017,  obeying the call of God and sent by Him through their home church in North Carolina, Faith Baptist Church. They have wholeheartedly committed their lives to following Jesus.  They are passionate about making disciples and training others to do the same, seeking no place left where the gospel has not been heard in Guatemala.  Joseph works full-time as the Guate22 team leader.  Christy supports and assists Joseph in the ministry, while homeschooling their three daughters,  Hannah, Jordyn and Layla.  Whenever possible, the family joins in the ministry together.  Click the Blogger link below to visit their blog.

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Charlie Hernández

Charlie is 28 years old. He was raised in a children’s home, Casa Aleluya, in San Lucas Sacatepéquez. He is a new believer and enjoys sharing the gospel. He is a great translator and a very talented chef who loves to cook. He has been going through discipleship and training since November of 2019. Charlie has effectively been reaching his network in the community where he works and lives. He is an excellent addition to the team and a very helpful person of peace in the town of San Lucas.  Since Covid, Charlie has worked full-time by Joseph's side in the ministry.

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Jhonnatan Martínez

Jhonnatan is 21 years old, single and has completed seminary. He lives in Villa Nueva Guatemala. Jhonnatan is an excellent translator, teacher,  and loves to serve the Lord by sharing the gospel and training others to do the same. Jhonnatan has been working with us since April of 2018. He is currently leading several small discipleship groups. Meanwhile, he is faithfully serving in his church.  Jhonnatan is an excellent trainer and coach and a blessing to our team.


Jesús Sánchez

Jesús is 38 years old and lives in Huehuetenango, along with his wife, Adali, and their three beautiful children, Kristem, Lili and Angel. Jesús has been working with us since July of 2019. He is an evangelist and loves to share the gospel and disciple new believers. He is a talented gospel song writer and rap artist. He uses his talent to proclaim the gospel.  Jesús is also serving in his church, scattering gospel seeds, and discipling new believers. 


Pancho Velasquez

Pancho is 20 years old.  He loves studying the Bible, singing, and worshiping God.  He currently works with a youth group at his church near Guatemala City.  Pancho joined the GUATE22 team after being hired for a week to translate for a team that came from the U.S.  God moved in his heart that week and gave him an earnest desire to be a part of His mission.  Since that time, Pancho has been a committed member of the team, learning and growing, and seeking opportunities to disciple others.  He is currently working with a recently-trained brother in Christ to reach those in his community.


Our Growing Team

We praise the Lord for new team members! Click here to read about our recent team training and how God is working to raise up more workers for the harvest.

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