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Fruit of the Covid19 Response Efforts

From Physical to Spiritual

After feeding over 3,000 people through generous donations to our ministry in recent months, we are now transitioning from the short-term urgent Covid19 response to a Spirit-led long-term plan to plant churches in the communities in which we served.  Click here to read about our previous update on our hunger relief effort.


This transition began in October when, despite the ongoing pandemic, the Lord blessed us with the opportunity to hold a team training. We invited each of our team members to come and stay in San Lucas for a full week of training.  Each of them brought a friend they have trained and invested in, someone they thought would be willing to join them in gospel ministry in their own communities. During the week we worked through the Scripture from Genesis to Revelation to understand God’s plan for the nations.  We observed Jesus' pattern of discipleship in the Gospels.  We also looked at Paul’s journeys and studied Paul’s epistles to understand God’s purpose for His church. Each team set goals and plans for reaching the lost and discipling them over the next 3 years. 


At the end of the week we had three additional teams ready to get to work in their communities.

During this week of training, we also went house to house in communities where we have distributed food bags, prayed, given out bibles and shared the gospel over the past year. The Lord used this training to open 4 more houses for discipleship. Twenty-two people repented and believed in Jesus for salvation. Nine of these new believers have been baptized and are now being discipled. 


One of these new houses has become our first church plant! We see that this new church in Chituc is growing in obedience to Jesus and knowledge of the truth. We praise the Lord for the work of the Holy Spirit.  We are truly humbled by all that He is doing.


Considering the incredible results of this training, we desire to hold similar trainings every 3 to 4 months. Doing so will help the teams put what they learn to practice and give them a place to come and share their frustrations. We were able to learn from each other, encourage each other, and hold each other accountable.


We are absolutely convinced that this is a worthy investment that yields great multiplying returns!

We are excited to see all that the Lord is doing and ask that you consider supporting this work through prayer and financial giving.

Moving forward, we will use all donations for:

  • continued physical relief for urgent needs due to Covid19 and the recent flooding caused by hurricanes.

  • supporting team trainings

  • necessary expenses related to church planting and home discipleship

October and November 2020 Baptisms


New families receiving discipleship

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