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Covid19 Response Update

Please join in praying Luke 10:2, asking the Lord of the harvest to raise up more workers.  Please ask the Holy Spirit to move in a mighty way and to keep us faithful to work fervently.

Guatemala has been experiencing the effects of the pandemic since March 15, the day the government closed down public transportation and initiated heavy restrictions, causing many to lose their jobs.


Many, who already struggled to live day-to-day, are now completely without food and other necessities.

The consequences of this pandemic have opened up new unforeseen avenues for ministry.  The prohibition of interdepartmental travel has really narrowed our focus and we honestly believe this is a blessing. The Lord has led us into some small communities within our own department that are underserved by the government and do not have evangelical churches. We have been packaging up food bags and going into these communities, praying with people, and sharing the gospel along the way. Each bag we give is an opportunity to serve the community, share the gospel, and build relationships. We are focusing on four communities in our department, Sacatepéquez, and one community in the department of Chimaltenango. The communities in Sacatepéquez are Chituc, San Bartolomé Milpas Altas, Cuatro Caminos, and San Antonio Santo Domingo Xenacoj; and in Chimaltenango is the community of Cojobal.

As we share, we are inviting the people to begin discovery Bible study and/or discipleship in their own communities.  We are praying that healthy reproducing churches will grow up in these communities.  Please join us in praying that the Lord of the harvest will be faithful to raise up workers.

We desire to serve in this time of suffering with the goal of building long-term relationships for the glory of God. 

The Lord has led us to focus our relief efforts in 5 communities where we have developed good relationships with local pastors and community leaders.  We are visiting one community each week, provided food bags for at least 60 families.  We are sharing the gospel and giving bibles to each family as well, and following up with discipleship with those who are interested. 

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For $16 USD (Q120) per family we can provide a one week supply of food.  


Each family receives:

3 lbs beans

2 lbs maseca

3 lbs rice

2 lbs sugar

1 bottle vegetable oil

2 bags of salt

2 oatmeal packages

4 sticks of butter

2 protein powdered drink packages

2 packages spaghetti noodles

4 spaghetti sauce packets

1 package chow mein

2 coffee packets

3 fruit drink packets

1 tube toothpaste

1 antibacterial dish soap

2 bleach packets

6 rolls toilet paper

August 9th Facebook Live Video

Bottom Line - We need your help.

We sincerely thank you for prayerfully considering a donation.  Any amount is helpful.  Click the "Give Now" button below to be directed to our "Give" page.  All donations will be used to seek His kingdom as we serve the people of Guatemala.

Keep in mind that $16 will feed one family for one week, $800 will feed 50 families for one week, and $4,000 will feed 250 families for one week.

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